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It's time to return to The Block... but this time, only one will journey through this forsaken realm.

DALegacy: Goliath's Requiem is a new fangame based on DAGames - specifically it's original creator; Will Ryan, and the work he's done for his band; IRIS.

Goliath's Requiem is a semi-Action RPG - meshing the elements that made the original DALegacy fun, while giving players more opportunities to not only become better and stronger - but also create their own experience with more open-ended designs!

The Main Story focuses on The Goliath's journey through The Block - as he learns more about his existence from the selfish perspective we see in his stories, while also learning more about the creator of all the other worlds created from within: The Diamond Armadian.

The game also has a Side Story called Jaws of Vengeance - where you must take on quests to rescue the Colony Soldiers of The Depths from their perilous predicaments within The Block - as you discover more details surrounding the Paradox's formation. 

DISCLAIMER: The following is a fan-made game inspired by and focused on IRIS - but is mostly about it's creator; Will Ryan of DAGames, as well as the DA Ecosystem. While it includes various characters, references to events, themes, and locations related to IRIS, it also includes characters from Will's other works to keep in line with the DA theme. Barring designs and events from IRIS that are already revealed, everything else is either merely an interpretation of these things, or creatures of my own design meant to fit with the game's main setting. As such, this game does not represent actual events in IRIS lore, imply the future of the series, is not canon and never will be. (And is not the point of the project in the first place.) For the sake of it's creator and everyone that enjoys IRIS - Please try not to set any expectations based on this for what the lore has in store when it's eventually revealed, and DO NOT nag Will about it. I do not condone it, and you'll only be disappointed.

And if you enjoyed this, please support Will Ryan in all his works, even stuff not related to IRIS! (Bantermation, yes)

Full Credits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zwkfjiBKbO4Kfuuckk4_7nknaa7Xv92bgNN3mit73zw/...


DALegacy Goliath's Requiem Deluxe V202b.exe 522 MB

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Actually love the title cover art.. who is the artist?

You can find them in the credits doc in the description!

can you recommend me the pixel artist you used? would wnat to make a similar metrovaina ..cheers!